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The price of raw materials is rising

As raw material prices are rising, many sanitary ware companies have raised product prices in response to cost pressures. This seemingly reasonable price increase was resisted by consumers, and it also caused a headache for sanitary ware companies and distributors. Regarding the question of whether or not consumers should pay for the investment of part of the company's capital increase, sanitary ware companies and consumers also have their own opinions.

Enterprise: "Rising" due to "rising" is not a perfect solution, it should be dealt with strategically

The rise in the price of sanitary raw materials reduces the profit of the product, but if the price increases, even sales will be affected. In this regard, many companies said that although the domestic economy has begun to pick up, the sales of sanitary products have not returned to the peak period of previous years. If the sales price of sanitary ware is increased at this time, it will definitely affect sales. Some distributors also said, "Raw material prices have risen, but we still dare not raise prices easily because the current sales situation is not satisfactory. But without price increases, cost pressures will rise by about 20%, which makes us dilemma."

At present, only high-end products in the sanitary ware market dare to mention the word "product price increase". Although many companies think that consumers, as users of products, should accept the capital investment of the increase in raw materials, the time for price increases in the sanitary ware industry is not yet ripe. If prices can be increased, only high-tech investment and high Only when the value-added products of the enterprises rise up will there be a market. It is not a wise move for enterprise development to increase the price of flooring products by relying on rising raw material prices.

Consumers: Reasonable price increases are understandable and pay more attention to products and services

What are the different opinions of consumers about rising raw material prices?

Many consumers believe that "although the increase in raw materials will make businesses make less money, it would be too thin to use this as a reason for product price increases." And 30% of consumers also view market changes more rationally. In an environment with better and better economic conditions, we are not unwilling to spend more money to buy a good bathroom, but unwilling to spend money on products that have not improved quality and technology, but have increased prices.

In addition, 50% of consumers believe that we will not pay attention to issues such as raw materials, and that we spend money to buy products and services. Now everyone’s material living standards have improved, and the price of sanitary products has not risen. Is the sanitary ware five years ago still the same price as the current sanitary ware? Of course not, but if the raw materials rise, we need to pay more. What happens inside the sanitary ware company that generates additional costs that require consumers to pay?

In this regard, some experts have analyzed that the market is everyone’s market. Whether it is the interests of enterprises or consumers, it needs to be safeguarded, otherwise it will be difficult for the market to develop steadily. With the rise of sanitary raw materials, companies can rationally use funds in many ways to balance the contradiction between companies and consumers. In the final analysis, product price is not the final factor that consumers pay attention to when buying sanitary ware. As long as the product is high-quality, and the service is thoughtful, a reasonable price increase is acceptable to consumers.

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