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What materials can be used to decorate the ceiling

With the construction of buildings, people's requirements for exterior lighting decoration of family rooms have become more and more stringent, but the ceiling has always been a problem for many decoration companies, because the ceiling area is too large, if you use a color decoration material It will look very unsightly. However, in recent years, the emergence of new ceiling materials has solved the problem of ceiling decoration. The most commonly used ceiling materials are as follows:

First, gypsum board. The ceiling material is made of plaster of paris as the main raw material, mixed with a proper amount of fiber, and finally made into a plate-shaped decorative material. This ceiling material is characterized by being relatively light and can also be insulated. , Can effectively prevent burning.

Secondly, light steel keel, which is a kind of ceiling material combined with gypsum board and light steel keel. The only advantage of this material is that its hardness is very large, and its shapes are also diverse, so it is basically used for the wall. On the partition.

Third, the splint. This material is lighter in material, very strong, has good elasticity and toughness, and can be easily bent, but it is not afraid of animal bites.

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