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Use and preparation of basic chromium sulfate

The production methods of basic chromium sulfate mainly include organic matter reduction method and sulfur dioxide reduction method. Organics reduction method The mother liquor of sodium dichromate is acidified with sodium bisulfate solution (40~42°Bé) or sulfuric acid in a lead-lined or glass-lined reactor with stirring, then slowly add sucrose reducing agent under stirring to make The reduction of hexavalent chromium keeps the solution boiling at the end of the reaction, which is conducive to the completion of the reaction.

The reaction product is a syrupy viscous liquid. Add water to adjust the concentration of the solution to 40~42°Bé, first cool it naturally, and then freeze it to below 10°C in a cooling crystallizer, so that part of the sodium sulfate will form Glauber's salt crystals, which are separated by centrifugation. The liquid basic chromium sulfate product is obtained, which is concentrated and dried to obtain a solid basic chromium sulfate product. its

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