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Uses of chromium trioxide

Chromium trioxide: dark red or dark purple orthorhombic crystals, easy to deliquesce. It starts to decompose when heated to the melting point, and completely decomposes when heated to the boiling point.
Mainly used in the production of chromium compounds in the inorganic industry. It is used as an oxidant in the printing and dyeing industry, the pigment industry is used to produce zinc chrome yellow, chromium oxide green, etc., and the organic industry is used to produce low-shift catalysts, medium-shift meter ratio agents, oxidation catalysts and high-pressure methanol catalysts. In addition, it can also be used for wood preservation, waterproofing agent production and high-purity metal chromium electrolysis.
Used in the electroplating industry, making bicycles, sewing machines, watches, instruments, flashlights, daily hardware and other raw materials for electroplating chromium.

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