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Chromium(III) oxide

Chemical structure:

Product name: Chromium(III) oxide

Alias: Anadonis green Chrome green Chrome ocher Chrome oxide green Chromia Chromic oxide Chromium sesquioxide Green cinnabar Green oxide of chromium Green rouge Oil green Ultramarine green

Molecular formula: Cr2O3

Molecular weight: 151.99

CAS o.: 1308-38-9

Appearance: Bright green powder, no smell.

Melting point(℃): 2266

Relative Density (water=1): 5.22

Boiling point(℃): 4000

Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali, soluble in metal bromate solution.

Assay : ≥99%


1. Lead chrome green pigments is mainly used in in coating industry, most of the preparation is based on this type of green paint.
In addition, also used in paint and plastic (1).
The scope of its application is very similar with lead chromium yellow.
Because of containing chrome yellow, application note its lead toxicity.
Lead, chromium iron is contained in blue, and contain antioxidant lead chromate, meets Mars has the possibility of spontaneous combustion, so when the dust in the dry, grinding when possible.
After burning of lead chrome green completely lose the characteristics of green pigment, into a dark brown yellow substance.
In addition, in the lacquer production, rolling process are not directly use the lead chrome green rolling, and to transfer into the chrome green enquiry pulp lead process, in case in rolling were burning.
2. Used in metallurgy, also used in ceramic, refractory, paint industry, as raw material and organic synthesis catalyst.
3. Used as analytical reagent, catalyst.
4. Used as adhesive and sealant of coloration, and wear resistance, corrosion resistance filler.
Also can be used for enamel, ceramic, leather, stain of construction materials;
catalyst ofOrganic chemistry synthesis;
Fast coatings and special ink of printing money paper .
5. Used as a cosmetic colorant, mainly used for eye makeup, cosmetics, but shall not be used for the mouth and lips; is not recommended for facial makeup and nail polish.
6. Chromium (III) oxide is one of the major components of silver plating layer immersion bright fluid, a new preparation of Chromium (III) oxide is an important raw material of


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